Same-Day Smile

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Get a New Look in a Single Visit With Same-Day Smile in Chattanooga

Dental technologies and treatment techniques have advanced to the point where it’s possible to get life-changing results in less time than you’d expect. Perhaps the greatest example of this is a same-day smile in Chattanooga. Using technology like 3D imaging, our implant dentists can place and restore dental implants in a single appointment.

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To make the procedure as hassle-free as possible, we offer:

  • Extended hours that make it easy to schedule your treatment
  • Two kinds of dental sedation, so you’ll stay relaxed
  • A dentist who can perform all kinds of dental implant procedures
  • Amenities to keep you comfortable while we work, like neck pillows, warm blankets, and noise-canceling headphones
  • Several payment options to suit any budget

If you don’t want to waste any time getting a new smile, call Smiles of Chattanooga at 423-454-2181 today.

Planning Is Key to a Successful Same-Day Smile Procedure

A same-day smile procedure wouldn’t be possible if we couldn’t find the best locations for implant placement. Our dentists use a CT scan for this function and to create surgical guides that show exactly where implants will go. Computer-guided placement makes your procedure faster and less invasive, and yields predictable results. Dr. Robert Gallien, a Fellow and Master in the International Academy of Dental Implantology, has lots of experience with this process.

Depending on the dental restorations you’ll receive with your implants, we may also use our CEREC system to create same-day dental crowns that can replace single teeth or support a fixed dental bridge. You can also replace all of your teeth with implant-retained dentures. No matter which restorations you’ll receive, you’ll be able to begin chewing and eating with them right away.

Get Your New Smile in Comfort With Dental Sedation


You needn’t worry about discomfort! We’ll thoroughly numb your mouth with local anesthesia. To further relax you, you can also choose one of our two kinds of safe dental sedation:

  • Fast-acting inhaled sedation, which wears off quickly
  • An oral sedative for a deeper level of relaxation

If you’re interested in getting a same-day smile in Chattanooga, call us today at 423-454-2181.



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