Why We Use Composite Fillings [VIDEO]

At Smiles of Chattanooga, we want your smile to look as natural as possible. When it comes to dental restorations, that means avoiding metal. For example, we use tooth-colored composite fillings that blend in seamlessly with your smile. In addition to their more natural appearance, we won’t need to remove as much healthy tooth structure to […]

Keep Smiling And Use Your Dental Insurance

Whenever you visit us for your six-month preventive dentistry appointment, our team can help you catch dental decay early on with our DIAGNOdent detector, and we’ll also be able to look for signs of other problems in your mouth before they require a costly solution. Plus, our thorough cleanings will help eradicate tartar and plaque and […]

Make Dad’s Life Better With a Custom Mouthguard

Father’s Day is almost here! If you’re still stumped about a gift and would like to get Dad something more useful than another pair of socks or a tie, consider a custom mouthguard. A mouthguard will improve your dad’s dental health, and his overall health too. At Smiles of Chattanooga, we use special design software and […]

Your Preventive Dentistry Headquarters In Chattanooga

Today we have a video clip to share from the American Dental Association. It explains how to best clean and store your toothbrush, which is always good stuff to know. So, please take a look and then call Smiles of Chattanooga at 423-380-0681 or fill out our online form to request an easy preventive dentistry appointment.You can come see us this […]

Am I Showing Signs Of Gum Disease?

Dental cleanings and exams are a critical part of keeping your mouth and body healthy. It’s during these routine appointments that your Chattanooga dentist can check for threats to your dental health, including gum disease. Do you know what to look for between your regular visits? Then take today’s quiz and see if you’re showing signs […]

Dental Implants Secrets Of Chattanooga [BLOG]

If you are anxious to replace your missing or damaged teeth, we’re ready to help restore your health, appearance, self-confidence, and more with a dental implants procedure. Importantly, our leader, implant dentist Dr. Robert Gallien, is a Fellow and Master in the International Academy of Dental Implantology. As such, Dr. Gallien both places and restores […]

This Dentist Has Unique Athletic Mouthguards [VIDEO]

Did you know that nearly 40 percent of all dental injuries are related to sports, (according to the Journal of the American Dental Association)? As such, you’ll want to do everythig in your power to protect a child’s teeth and gums from any damage that could come along during sports-related games and practices at school this year. […]