Brighten Your Smile This Fall With Professional Whitening [Blog]

Our area of the state is known for its beautiful arrays of reds, oranges, and yellows during the autumn season. As this busy year winds down, we can appreciate the beauty nature provides for us to enjoy. One thing you might not appreciate about nature is the changing color of your teeth. It’s natural for teeth to yellow and darken over time, but with our professional whitening in Chattanooga, they don’t have to! You can get a refreshing, youthful look fast and with minimal effort.

We use one of the most reliable, best teeth whitening products available. For years, KöR whitening has been known to whiten teeth that even other professional-strength whitening products couldn’t touch. Find out more about its benefits below, then call Smiles of Chattanooga at 423-380-0681 to get started!

Our Professional-Strength Whitening Is No Match For Dull Teeth

At our office, we offer KöR whitening in office, at home, or in office with home treatment for best results. We want to give you the option that works best for you and that’s most convenient for your lifestyle. Here are some of the many benefits of our professional whitening system.

  • Potent & Effective – As we mentioned, your aging smile is no match for KöR. In fact, KöR can whiten teeth by 16 shades or more! A combination of factors go into its reliability. One is the gel’s highly concentrated strength – far stronger than any whitening from the store. Another is that the gel is refrigerated until we apply it for maximum potency. Yet another are the custom trays that keep the whitening gel on your teeth.
  • Easy & Fast – For the most reliable results, we will create custom trays to whiten your teeth. If you choose to whiten in the office, you’ll come in for us to make the trays, then you’ll come back for an hour or so to whiten your teeth. You could see incredible results when you walk out! A lot of our patients choose this method when they need fast whitening for an upcoming event. Some take their trays home and continue whitening for a short time if they want even brighter teeth. Our patients get to keep their trays, so even if you need touch-ups later, you won’t have to buy new trays. If you choose to whiten at home, you can do it at your convenience – while cooking, reading, or watching TV. There’s no disruption to your routine, and you’ll still get great results in about two weeks.
  • Safe & Comfortable – We mentioned that our professional whitening trays are custom designed for you. This naturally makes gives them a snug and more comfortable fit. Also, the KöR-Seal™ trays help keep the gel on your teeth and off your gums. Gum sensitivity is a common side effect of whitening, especially for store-bought whitening since the trays are one-size-fits-all. Not only do KöR-Seal™ trays address that, but the gel is also formulated with ingredients that minimize tooth sensitivity. You can get ultra-strength gel with as little irritation as possible. Many dentists agree that this is one of the safest gels on the market.

See If Our Teeth Whitening Trays Will Work For You

Even patients who’ve had little to no luck with store-bought whitening can get great results with KöR. It penetrates deeper into the teeth, so it whitens even internal stains. Still, some people may be better off with an option like veneers, especially if they want to conceal stains and other flaws. Many of our patients choose to whiten their teeth before veneers so their veneers can match their newly whitened teeth. This allows for a bright, seamless-looking smile.

If your smile flaws are more serious, you can even get natural-looking crowns or implants planned with our 3-D technology. We’ll help you decide what’s best to achieve your brightest, healthiest, most youthful smile yet.

The years won’t be any easier on your smile. But you don’t have to accept nature’s toll on your appearance with our professional whitening in Chattanooga. To see great results quickly, call Smiles of Chattanooga at 423-380-0681 for your consultation. You can also reach us online.